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TCSC Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award

The IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) is a technical committee within IEEE Computer Society, aimed at fostering research and education in scalable computing with applications. The committee solicits nominations of Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award. The award includes an award plaque that will be presented at the annual IEEE HPCC conference, along with a public citation for the award on the IEEE TCSC website.

The IEEE TCSC Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award is an annual award to recognize candidates that have recently received a PhD degree for no more than 2 years and have written an outstanding PhD dissertation in the field of the scalable computing with applications. This award is established to encourage doctoral research that combines theory and practice or makes in-depth technical contributions, having the potential to contribute to the IEEE TCSC.

Nomination rules:
  • A candidate may be nominated by members of the community.
  • Self-nominations are not eligible.
  • An individual may nominate at most one candidate for this award.
  • Name/email of person making the nomination; self-nominations are not eligible.
  • Name/email of candidate for whom the award is recommended.
  • A statement by the nominator (maximum of 500 words) as to why the nominee is highly deserving of the award and a brief summary of the service contributions.
  • CV of the nominee.
  • Up to three support letters from persons other than the nominator; these should be collected by the nominator and included in the nomination.

Nomination Materials:

Nominations must be submitted via email to the selection committee chair. A nomination application (as a single PDF file) must consist of the following materials:
  • A doctoral dissertation written by the applicant in any language, no more than 2 years prior to the submission deadline.
  • A summary of the dissertation in English of up to 2 pages in length written by the PhD candidate, highlighting the significance of the problem, the technical approach taken, and the application context and potential.
  • Sample published paper(s) in English based on the dissertation written primarily by the PhD candidate in scientific journals, especially IEEE Transactions/Journals.
  • Listing of all publications by the applicant in the related field.
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s dissertation advisor that assesses the significance of the research, attests to the originality of the work, and comments on the engagement of the applicant in the TCSC field.

Important Dates:
  • Nomination Deadline: October 31, 2023
  • Results Notification: November 15, 2023
Award Selection Committee:
Award & Presentation Note:

Awardees will be presented a plaque and will be recognized by IEEE TCSC in its website, newsletter and archives. The awards for 2023 will be presented at a selected IEEE TCSC sponsored conference.


  • 2022
  Umit Demirbaga, Newcastle University, UK
  Mohammad Goudarzi, The University of Melbourne, Australia
  Wei Yang Bryan Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  Ayan Mondal, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
  Jing Yang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

  • 2021
  Tayebeh Bahreini, Wayne State University, USA
  Maciej Besta, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  Cheng Dai, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
  Muhammed Tawfiqul Islam, University of Melbourne, Australia
  Xueqin Liang, Aalto University, Finland
  Arijit Roy, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

  • 2020
  Jia Luo, LAAS, UPS Toulouse, France
  Nitinder Mohan, University of Helsinki, Finland
  Roberto Casadei, Università di Bologna, Italy
  Jianwen Xu, Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan
  Yaliang Zhao, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  Young Ki Kim, University of Sydney, Australia

  • 2019
  Stephen Herbein, University of Delaware, USA
  Anish Jindal, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
  Sameer Kulkarni, University of Göttingen, Germany
  Huazhong Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  Minxian Xu, University of Melbourne, Australia

  • 2018
  Gagangeet Singh Aujla, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
  Jun Feng, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  Chang Liu, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  Matthew Malensek, Colorado State University, USA
  Jungmin Son, University of Melbourne, Australia
  Mingxing Zhang, Tsinghua University, China

  • 2017
  Josué Feliu, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
  Safraz Rampersaud, Wayne State University, USA
  Kuan Zhang, University of Waterloo, Canada
  Omer Adam, University of Sydney, Australia
  Xiaokang Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

  • 2016
  Chunsheng Zhu, University of British Columbia, Canada
  Lena Mashayekhy, Wayne State University, USA
  He Li, University of Aizu, Japan
  Qingchen Zhang, Dalian University of Technology, China

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